Celebrating Our Accomplished Graduates!

Each year we recognize and celebrate the young people who are graduating from various public and private elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and institutions of higher learning. We’d like to say this year is no different, but it is very different.  The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the course of the school year for the Class of 2020. Most schools have closed their doors and more classes online. Graduation ceremonies have either been postponed, cancelled, or turned into virtual affairs.

This year, it is our hope to recognize the accomplishments of our students the best we can. Below you will find a list of our young people who have completed their assigned academic duties and are moving on to bigger and better things. We congratulate them on what they have achieved and support them in their endeavors, whether academic, professional or otherwise. God has a plan for our youth and it is exciting to watch that plan unfold in each of their lives.

Please join us in congratulating the Class of 2020!

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  • Marcus Caleb Pico

    Marcus Pico

    Graduating from: Stephen M White Middle School, Carson, CA

    Whats next? Attend Carson High School

  • Marius Jacob Pico
    Marius Pico

    Graduating from: Nathaniel Narbonne High School, Harbor City, CA

    Whats next? To Be Determined

  • Elija Sagrado

    Elijah Segrado

    Graduating from: Clovis North High School

    What’s next?   Community College, then transfer to a UC school

  • Naomi Delora Blanco

    Naomi Delora Blanco

    Graduating from: Cox Elementary School

    What’s next? Attending Masuda Middle School in the Fall 2020

  • Ania Marie Blanco

    Ania Marie Blanco

    Name of School: Fountain Valley High School

    What’s next?: Attending San Jose State University, CA Fall 2020
    Majoring in Industrial Engineering

  • More to Come
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