Wilmington Offers Prayers of Healing

Prayers were offered during this past Sunday’s worship service for long-time church member and good friend, Neva Johnson. We ask for your continued prayers during this difficult time.

Johnson, who has been the church secretary and dedicated member of the congregation for decades, was recently diagnosed with cancer of the bile tube. The doctor’s prognosis is the cancer is more than likely terminal if not treated. However, the treatment is surgery, which at Neva’s advanced age is not easy to survive. Neva has chosen to put things in God’s hands and accept His will, whatever it may be.

Neva did seek the advice of another doctor who may have an alternative path. It is unclear what, if anything has changed as a result of this doctor’s recommendation.

Please watch the moment from Sunday’s worship service when members gathered around Neva, laid hands upon her, and prayed for her healing and comfort. Pastor Cheol Kwak joins in the prayer asking for the Lord to step in and be with Neva, with the congregation, and to help everyone remember that God is with us, even now.

To watch the entire worship service, entitled “For the Community of Believers,” click here to visit our YouTube channel.

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