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Family Promise ministry has been different during the pandemic.  The First Christian Church in Torrance has been the physical place that Family Promise guests has resided while each church has remitted funds enough to support the guests.

Now, some churches have resumed the original practice of moving churches each week.  However, our Wilmington church has not yet authorized this method.  We have continued to send money to the Christian Church for each week that we were assigned in 2021.  Last month, in October, we had the middle week.  Wilmington gave Christian Church $400 for that week to pay guests for food and transportation for 8 children and 3 adults, 11 people.

At the beginning of the year Wilmington had $472.80 in Family Promise designated funds.  In 2021 we received $1,330 in contributions but we paid out $1,800 in expenses.  That leaves a balance of $2.80 for the rest of the year.  Our last assigned week is New Years, December 26th thru January 2nd 2022.  I know sufficient funds will be given that will cover that week.

Wilmington’s financial support for 2022 has yet to be decided.  We have received “Thank you notes” and emails of appreciation from Family Promise expressing their gratefulness for our time and dedication for our “virtual hosting” these pandemic years.  However, no one has volunteered to assume Primary Host duties from Wilmington or St. Peter and Paul.

Family Promise of South Bay hopes that we can continue with our virtual hosting into 2022 and beyond.  Please vote with your financial designated funding.     

Neva B Johnson, Retired Primary Host of Family Promise

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