Pastor Nelson said to start before I knew the Lord.  My grandparents and mother were involved with the Methodist Church all my life though my father was not involved with anything.  He would not let me be baptized as an infant.  When we bought a house on Ross Place the closeness of Wilmington  First was made to order.  I was 10 when we came.  Dorothea asked me to sing in the Chancel Choir as no children’s choir existed at that time.

I can remember sitting in the choir pews as various pastor’s preached.  They talked about Salvation but never answered my silent questions.

Sometime in my teens I found myself in San Diego at a Billy Graham Crusade.  I do not remember the circumstances of how I got there..  However, I vividly remember when he said, “Come.”  I got up and went down.  I remember someone who came over to me.  He greeted me warmly and spoke John 3:16 to me personally.  For God so loved Neva that he gave His only son so that Neva who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life..  As I returned home the words in my Bible spoke to me in a new way.  I thirsted for more.

At the age of 62 I was faced with life changing  decisions.  Roy had suffered a major stroke. His driving days were over.  I could not continue working full time and take care of him.  Therefore, I retired from the City of Torrance figuring that my life as I had known it  was over.

Actually the age of 62  my spiritual life began.   My thirst for God that I had felt so many years before surfaced again.  As I did whatever I needed to do for Roy I felt an emptiness that I knew only God could fill. Through the years I had gone to every Bible study or workshop that I could attend .

The day came when I threw caution to the wind and surrendered myself to God.  I knew that I had to forgive everyone, read the Bible, have a lengthy quiet time with God and follow his will.  As he led me through the last 16 years I have found myself changing.  I used to have to write prayers out when I was Liturgist, but now I could pray out loud without a script.  My taste in reading changed.  Some authors  that I had read no longer were attractive to me.  I had learned how to forgive.  I had acquired compassion for others.  He was teaching me to give thanks in all things, not just the good..  God was involving me in classes about  praying for healing for others  He was highlighting Bible readings that spoke about not grumbling or complaining.  He got me involved in Lay Speaking.  He opened Church, District and Conference doors that used my God given gifts.

My territory was enlarged as I came into contact with other church members..  I no longer worried about finances as my tithe doubled and my trust in God’s care became solid.   Family Promise came into my life.  .  In July I got another job as Treasurer for the District Foundation.  I wonder what else is ahead.

Whatever it is, these things I know for sure.  I will never be alone.  My salvation is assured by Jesus as I am covered by his Costly Robe of Righteousness.  I am building up treasure in heaven as I pray for those that God has given to me to care for.

Jesus changed my life and He can  change your life too.  All you have to do is surrender yourself to Him and allow Him remake you  into  His image.