Rev. Cheol Kwak

Rev. Cheol Kwak Appointed Pastor

Rev. Cheol Kwak: Our New Pastor, On May 10, 2020, the SPPRC of Wilmington First United Methodist Church received a letter from UMC West District Superintendent, Rev. Mark M. Nakagawa, which confirmed the appointment of The Reverend, Dr.…
People of God

We are People of God

The “People of God” campaign reminds us of who we know we have been at our best — the spirit-filled, resilient, missional, connected, faithful, diverse and deeply rootedpeople of God called The United Methodist The…
Bishop Hagiya Guidelines

Bishop Hagiya’s Update on Public Health

(April 20, 2020) As I begin this Monday Briefing for the California-Pacific Conference on the worldwide pandemic, let me remind you of the “Stockdale Paradox” made popular by leadership guru, Jim Collins. This paradox is about Admiral…