George Floyd

George Floyd – The Lesson

The death of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota has sparked outrage across the nation and the world leading to protests in every state and in hundreds of cities. Floyd’s death has shaken the consciousness of America, exposing the institutionalized evils of racism and horrors of police violence.  His death is a wake up call that America can no longer be indifferent to the past and present systems of oppression rooted in racism that have injected so much pain and suffering to Black communities and other communities of color. 

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George Floyd’s death calls for reflection, repentance and restoration to make communities whole again.  The call for restoration is being lifted up at this moment by many different voices. But we must acknowledge the singular voice at the forefront of this movement; Black Lives Matter . They have been amplifying those voices for years against the unjust killings of Black and Brown lives at the hands of the state.  Folks joining the calls for change must make sure to have conversations with Black Lives Matter activists and must not engage discussion with people in power without their collaboration or leadership.

Our Mission

Going forward we will continue to post articles addressing this issue as well as others related to economic inequality and inhumane immigration policies.  We will also explore our religious roots and traditions in relation to these issues and how we can engage.  I close by saying that in the scriptures we identify that God’s most important instructions to humans after the first commandment is “to love your neighbor as yourself.” By reading these words I can say that God is telling me to make sure I am connected to the suffering of others.

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