Thanksgiving Message

Thanksgiving Message

My grace is enough; it’s all you need.
My strength comes into its own in your weakness.

2Corinthians 12:8-10

Thanksgiving Greetings to you ALL,

The autumn breeze embraces us again. We are so grateful to the Creator for the joy of Life that goes on with the fragrance of changing seasons. God’s grace continues to allow us to participate in the transformation of the creation. Breathe in the Spirit of the mysterious and sacred creation and hug the image of God once again, reminding each other we share God’s Image. There, we return our Thanks to God.

It has been an unusual year. So many things have happened. In the spring of the year, we began to face a battle with the invisible virus, Covid 19, and the battle still continues. So many deaths and so many infections throughout the earth have caused us to suffer from the fear and anxiety. And we reiterate again, “The future is not ours to see.”

The unpredictable challenges have been an intimate reality for all of us. Recovering the normality in our economy, health, culture, and lifestyle looks precarious. At times, our prayers seem feeble, and our next step may have lost its confidence. Then, we are to welcome the season of ‘Thanks to God.’ Yes, this year’s Thanksgiving truly asks us to “Count the Blessings One by One.” In the midst of the challenges, you and I will be intentional about counting our blessings.

Meet Paul, once again. The vital and holy transformation for him happened with the unexpected suffering and unwanted pain in his life. Getting closer to God in the midst of his challenges led him to confess, “God’s strength is through our weakness…” (2Corinthians 12:8-10) Paul’s confession is still alive and relevant in our own suffering and challenges. We give Thanks to God for the strength through our weakness.  

Somewhere between a welcoming breeze and scary storms, we give ‘Thanks to God.’ Let this season display God’s strength through our weakness. And we give Thanks to God that we continue to grow in faith through Christ Jesus. Again, harvest God’s living word through Paul that God’s power is perfect in weakness.

Pray for each other, give Thanks to God, and celebrate the season,


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