Last Friday, September 16th Debbie and I, along with the family, buried Timothy in Riverside National Cemetery. We never thought that we would have to say goodbye to Tim. A soldier, brother, and our son were buried, and we were sad and lost a bright and humorous guy forever. Our prayers were wet with tears and looked for God without ceasing. We tried to recover normalcy. Each day after the burial, we buried this in our hearts.

Debbie and I were surrounded by the warm love of the church, and then, we were able to recover who we are and whose we are. The friends of the church offered their prayers and tears, and then, we were able to do what we were called for. Our greatest gift in the time of losing us and Tim, was your care and support in various ways. We thank everyone at the church. There is the deepest “Being Together” with us and the family. We are grateful. We are so loved. Thank you. We want to walk with you as we continue to serve this wonderful church.

Loving the church includes caring for worshipping facilities. I am so grateful to those who worked on repairing various places of the church. Recently, we were able to fix the steeple. Without naming those who worked on the repair, I and everyone are so thankful and deeply proud of them. Some spend some time to hire those who worked on the steeple, and some gladly donated with Memorial Funds. Now we are safe and sound. I am so thankful to all of the church lovers.

This is the season for Charge Conferences. Our Conference is scheduled for the agenda we have on October 29th Saturday at 2PM by zoom. Please mark the calendar and participate in the Conference. The chairs of the different committees need to have their reports ready by October 23rd. I am so thankful to those leaders who have made the respective works of the church done. The church will be stronger and more effective in serving Christ and his church.

One of the important agendas has to do with our parsonage. Our District Superintendent will ask us to announce and vote for a Special Conference by September 25. This is a necessary process since we need 10 days before the Special Charge Conference with the DS on October 5.

Debbie and I decided to have a break between October 17th through October 27th if SPRC allows. This may be our first 10 days’ time-off since we started serving the church. We may visit South Korea to see a columbarium where my mother’s remains are placed and spend some time with my ailing father in Seoul.


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