Bishops in no rush to form sexuality panel | The United Methodist Church

Church leaders want the right people for the task of finding a way forward. Meanwhile, bishops still must deal with current church law.

United Methodist bishops say they worry more about getting the new human sexuality commission right than getting the group appointed fast.

That means the bishops have yet to set a timetable for when they expect to have the commission up and running. They also have not decided how many commission members there will be.

However, they already are talking about the kind of qualities they would like commission members to have.

The Council of Bishops met May 21 for the first time to discuss the commission since it won General Conference approval. Many United Methodists see the commission, part of the bishops’“Offering for a Path Forward,” as a last-ditch effort to prevent the multinational denomination from splitting.

The bishops’ meeting, already scheduled months before General Conference, was closed to the press shortly before (read more)

Church Life 5-15-16

20160515_110632On fire for Jesus!

On Pentecost Sunday Pastor Neil Platon challenged the congregation to wear red. He offered a prize for the person who wore the most red from head to toe. He asked all who wore red to stand, and as he asked, “If you are wearing two or more red items, please remain standing.” he continued on until only Maxie Funiestas and Aurora Dela Cruz were left standing. Both were wearing red from head to toe, including red fingernails, lipstick and jewelry. A final count found that each were wearing at least Read more

Family Promise Online Vote

family promise logoDuring Sunday service today, hand ballots were given out in order to compute a “yes” or “no” vote from the congregation on whether Wilmington First United Methodist Church should host families, who will live for one week, 4 times a year, in our Sunday School classrooms. This mission is made possible by the South Bay chapter of Family Promise.

If for what ever reason you did not receive either a hand ballot or an email ballot, you may vote here.  Read more